Partner restaurants

Le Dôme, La Brasserie

Opposite the hotel “Aux Vieux Remparts”, Le Dôme offers an alternative for guests, serving simple dishes around the clock. Le Dôme offers a youthful ambiance, with red and grey shades, a conservatory and a large terrace that opens out onto Place du Châtel, the heart of attractions in Provins.

“Enjoy the lively brasserie spirit, great bar, superb atmosphere and classic dishes.”

The menu features various salads, snacks such as quiche, croque-monsieur and home-made burgers, as well as classic dishes such as fish and chips and authentic Troyes andouillette.

Le Dôme opens every day from 10 am (9 am on weekends) to 11 pm. The restaurant serves between 11.45 am and 2.30 pm, and from 7 to 10 pm (continuous service on weekends).
Snack service round the clock. 

Le Petit Ecu, fast food (eat in or take away)

Ideally located on Place du Châtel, Le Petit Ecu has a take-away counter, serving various sandwiches and sweet snacks.

A large room on the first floor as well as a little terrace are available to eat in. It is also ideal for groups passing through Provins (reservation required). Le Petit Ecu is open every day during the season (June, July and August) and on weekends during the mid-season. 

The Louise ice cream shop

Directly adjoining the Bistrot des Remparts, the Louise ice cream shop serves a wide range of ice cream flavours in a cone or pot, from one to three scoops. Mineral water is also sold. Several tables are available to sit down while you enjoy your ice cream.

It is also worth noting that here you can find the medieval aperitif drink Moretum Elixior, a liqueur made with a wine that was very popular during the Middle Ages, whose recipe dates back to a period in history when three drinks were reserved for the elite: Hydromel, Hypocras and Moretum Elixior.

The Louise ice cream shop is open every day during the season.